Video Blogging, Podcasting, Youtube and Social Videos

HoopJumper Video Services is easy as 1-2-3!

You record a Selfie Video on your Smartphone

Send your Video file to HoopJumper

HoopJumper edits your media and does all the rest

Watch this short 8-minute video

The Easiest Way For You To Dominate Using Video

Stop fussing with hours of editing, optimizing and posting trying to become a video star. Just record a short video or audio on your iPhone/Smartphone and let HoopJumper® do the rest.

Announcing HoopJumper Video Services

HJVS is a partnership between you, the busy Agent, and HoopJumper, your own personal video marketing agency. We were created for motivated Agents like you who want to build their mega-brand using video to move to the next level.

All you have to do is record a 1-to-3 minute Selfie Video and send it to us…

Record using your iPhone, Smartphone or WebCam that will create video. Then, fill out an easy online form with the title and information, attach the video, and click SEND. Poof, you’re done!

Our Video/Audio Editing Post-Production Services do the rest

HoopJumper removes the extra footage of you starting/stopping the video. We will design an Episode Thumbnail image, insert your animated logo intro/outro with voiceovers, and export a completed high resolution video and audio Podcast Episode for ready for use on multiple platforms.

We Upload to your Optimized YouTube Channel

We upload your Podcast Videos into your personalized and optimized YouTube Channel. Then, Search Engine Optimize each video to include a full transcription tags, keywords, SEO description, setting your Location, and programming in a valuable backlink to your website (that Google loves).

Regular Updates to Your Blog featuring your Video content

Now that we have your new Podcast Episode on YouTube, we will next Embed your new video in a search engine optimized Blog post on your website, thus adding new content to your website and becoming the origination point for your social media posts.

Your Own Podcast Syndicated to iTunes, Google, Spotify, TuneIn & More

We setup your Podcast account for Video and/or Audio to distribute each Episode on the most popular Podcast directories. Your Episodes will be widely indexed by major Search Engines spreading your expertise across the world.

High-End Content for Social Media Posting and Advertising

We will then schedule each new Episode to broadcast to your Facebook business page, Instagram, and Twitter profiles. Then, use your completed Episodes as content for advertising on social media to your Like audiences.

We send each Video via Email to Your Mailchimp Contacts

As a last step, we program your free Mailchimp email marketing account and send each new Episode to your complete email contact list.

Are you ready to be the Realtor who masters Video and Podcasting?

HoopJumper Video Services, let HoopJumper turn you into a Video Services Pro.